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Behind Everything is going to be KO by Kaiya Stone

Everything Is Going To Be KO is a project I’ve been working on for five years. I walked away from the room where I was diagnosed and went for a really disgusting pub lunch with my mum and brother. We sat in a very uncharacteristic silence while trying to avoid eating soggy philly cheese steak sandwiches.

We were all completely shocked.

My having learning difficulties was something unthinkable. It was unthinkable because we didn’t really understand what they were or how they manifested themselves. After they left, I spent a long time trying to find resources for other adults who found themselves in similar situations. But after the 23842390234 primary coloured website covered in comic sans I realised most resources are catered to parents and children... It was a very lonely time.

Since then I have been reading, researching and getting on stage to try and explain what is happening in my brain. The aim of the project is to offer up a story so that others in my situation wouldn’t feel so isolated. The way my brain works is one of my greatest strengths. I have always felt like that. But now I recognise the things I struggle with and can try and seek out help for certain things.

The consequences of that diagnosis half a decade later are huge. Both my mum and my brother have since been diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia. My whole family have come to a closer understanding of how our brains work!

Everything Is Going To Be KO is a call to arms, and a shout of pride, because neurodiversity is powerful.

Everything Is Going To Be KO is playing at Gerry's Studio, 18-20 Jan 2018. Book tickets here.

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