Near the areas occupied by ISIS in northern Syria a family struggles to find what they should stand for after a revolution. That revolution turned into an international mercenary war spreading sectarianism and extremism in a country that was once a harmonic grinder of all religious ethnicities; like a Mihbaj. -

Syria is headline news since five years; yet, the nuances of its tragedy seem an enigma to many. MIHBAJ tries to shed a light on the humanitarian side of this crisis that scattered Syrians as refugees in many European countries, troubled the conscience of the civilized world and divided most families by animosity and fanatic allegiances. At this time of confusion and fear-mongering we offer an objective view of the Syrian conflict; hoping to inspire and inform others on a personal, family level.

About the Writer

Riad Ismat is an acclaimed Syrian playwright, short story writer and critic. He has a dozen stage plays to his credit, as well as seven television shows and many published books in several Middle Eastern countries. Currently, he teaches at North-western University, Chicago USA, after he left his homeland in 2012 to live in safety from the devastation of the civil war.


About the Director

Sami Ismat was awarded the prestigious Said Foundation scholarship to do an MFA in Directing at East 15. Sami has practised theatre in Syria, the UAE and all over the Middle East. Sami is an aspiring theatre and short filmmaker who strives to make cultural change through his art. He looks to break down assumptions and inform the western world on the full complexity of the human condition of his home. In the future Sami hopes to go back and develop the arts scene in the Middle East.

Cast & Creatives

Nicole Palomba  Naifeh
Ricky Shah  Adnan/Fares
Blain Neale  Jasem 

Written by Riad Ismat
Translated & Edited by Sami Ismat & Karim Shah
Directed by Sami Ismat
Lighting & Sound Design by Sari Shrayteh
Assistant Directed by Ryan Lester

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