Moon-stained, a collection of conversations

Moon-stained, a collection of conversations

From womb to womb: relatable stories, memories and moments. Laugh with us, enjoy with us, feel at home with us. #StrongerThanFear

Moon-Stained tracks the ‘day to night walk’ of Akintoye. That outfit you felt so confident wearing during the day, suddenly makes you feel so unsafe during the night.

Moon-stained follows Akintoye, a young woman struggling to come to terms with herself and find where she fits in with the women around her. With a mind full of questions and a body full of possibilities and expectations, what is it really like to be a woman? What is it really like to be you? How can we learn to love the parts of ourselves that we have watched our mothers hate? How can we avoid that awkward poo in someone else’s house?

We invite you to an evening of stories, good memories and embarrassing moments.

This is a call out to every type of women who has had her doubts, her insecurities, her silent days, her ‘I don’t know if I’m worthy enough days’ all the way up to her ‘I want to dance around the house in my underwear days’.

So join us in an evening of beautiful rebellion, join us in an evening being Moon-stained.

Written by Kassius Nelson
Directed by Segen Yosife and Kassius Nelson

Moon-stained is part of Gerry's STRONGER THAN FEAR FESTIVAL. Click here to see other events in the festival programme. #StrongerThanFear 


Venue: Gerry's
Time: 9pm
Price: £12
Runtime: TBC
Age Guidance: 14+

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